everything about you is fake, but you're perfect! (nonforkingspoon) wrote,
everything about you is fake, but you're perfect!

you look so beautiful, it hurts me slightly.

i'm doing good. don't worry about me. i'm happy being me doing my thing. yes yes yes.

so i've been working since i got out of high school, realized that the other day when val said it. kind of crazy. like non-stop almost. i like it. it keeps me sane, keeps me going.

i've never been so content. or maybe its momentary thing. don't count on anything i say. people surprise you when you are least prepared. they leave you when you don't want them to. right now i'm okay. yup. things are good. i don't have anyone i depend on. i think i like this. just me again. yup.

i don't know if i can do that whole relationship thing, because i haven't gotten accustomed to having to trust someone again. rely on someone. that whole team effort in my mind is out the window.

the boy said "trust me, i'm here for you" maybe he was at the moment, but he left me. i guess my heart left him too.

if i fight with you so much, is it because i'm fighting for something? what is that something? is it for it to last or for us to break?

3 monthiversary coming up. woo hoo. me and me will celebrate. yay!
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