everything about you is fake, but you're perfect! (nonforkingspoon) wrote,
everything about you is fake, but you're perfect!

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add me or subtract me, whatever.

I don't think I ever actually established the fact that this is a friends-only journal.

yup, only my dear friends.

do you want to be a dear friend? or are you already? hehehe....

a spoon.

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ah! that makes sense! since i have tried to read this and you only post every so often. goodness im silly.

oh. and im allison.
do you want be a friend?
of course, of course
am i your friend if we're cousins?
i don't know.
Wow, I'm a friend... That's so cool! Thanks Dria...
Keep forking.

i'm not forking!

are you a freind? i'm so confused, am i your friend?
Yes yes Alexandria...I know who you are...::smiles:: you made me laugh when you wrote taht...either way, yes I'm like Thoreau and Emerson...what are these quotes???